Going back atleast 2 decades being con-collegueas, close friends and business partners in many and a diversity of projects and having an extended background in tourism, marketing, public relations, advertising & finance amongst others, both Harr & Hill have proven their ability to get things going and put their stamp on their creative ideas.

Here’s one of few existing pictures of them together, back in 2008, when Harr still was the General Manager of 4 city hotels and 3 restaurants in the centre of Amsterdam.

Now they’ve come up with and created another completely new business concept that is giving others the opportunity to present themselves in a most fashionable way and to expand their reach with ease and flair.

Making an educated use of their knowledge, skills and network, their reach is an extention to your network and will have the positive side effect of expanding your business.

It’s a kind of magic when they work together and most times, when they come up with an idea, a proposition or solutions, it’s just seems as if they pull it out of a high hat just like that, that precisely fills your needs.

But beside that, they have a sharp eye and a talent, to find the most outrageous and crazy little gems amongst entrepreneurial outlets and businesses, that stretches the mind and to seduce the soul to embrace those gems immediately.

The way they are able to catch the interest and the minds eye when they write something is almost hypnotic, to say so. Your imagination catches fire when you read their articles, as if you are part of the story and were present.

They take you mind away and draw you right into the business they write about, you’ll see what they write about happen in front of you, through your minds eye, as if you where there..

They have a certain ability to get you connected to a story, a product or a service in such a way it won’t let go of your mind.

The fact is, you really want to work with these two, not because they’re funloving motivated and inspired people, but because they will bring your business to life and serve it straight into the imagination of many others but also have a heart for what you do and represent!

Like you’re sitting on the front row of the show..


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