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Meeting with Michel today at Queers, one of his favourite bars in Amsterdam, famous for its weekly dragqueen bingo and drag queen shows at night. Queers cafe is located next to the famous Amstel canal in the city centre next to the Stopera (the National Opera) and the flowermarket. It is one of those grey ready to rain days in Amsterdam, I have found a spot at the beginning of the bar. I have a good few of the street and the people walking past the canal through the open doors of the cafe.

Michel Swart Photography studio Works

We have ordered a good cold beer and the bar is serving us famous Amsterdam bitterballen, Michel is enthusiast maybe even a bit hyper. He just returned yesterday from Istanbul for a job photographing stills for imedistanbul where he was invited to create a portfolio of the private hospital and hotel for their media displays. “Istanbul was amazing” for me as a photographer it was eye candy so many colours and bright sunlight, “I have really created some great works”. I need to do some more photoshopwork one of my master skills the upcoming two weeks before I can deliver them the portfolio but it already looks great. When ready I will add some of those pictures to my website michelswartphotography.com please have a look at all the great works I already have created.

Michel Swart Photography Adam Tower

You started a few years ago with the photography of drag queens that’s how you became famous in Amsterdam is that your passion? Dragqueens are still one of my passions but passion doesn’t always pay the bills. One of my best skills is Photoshop, I have followed some different courses and became a master in it. Nowadays I love to take pictures of Amsterdam by night and then ad that little extra with photoshop or retouch it completely so the pictures become new works of art. One of my latest pictures from “Over het IJ” showing the “Eye film museum” and “the Amsterdam Lookout” this picture series became an internet sensation on facebook and instagram with more than 800 shares and positive comments.

Michel Zwart Photography studio progress

I love to photograph people not only portraits but also in live action on parties and festivals or during live performances. My muse is Nora, I know her from my child-youth and we are both hardcore party animals, we have partied so much together and we are like sisters. Nora is one of the DJ performers of Girlsmaffia and touring currently true Europe I’m so proud of her.

PeopMichel Zwart photography @ PlaceToStay.Amsterdamle can always contact me for interesting jobs like company presentation pictures, document their party or create some amazing pictures for their portfolio. Last February I opened my first long Exposition named “Amsterdam Finest by Michel Swart Photography”. Amsterdam Finest is an exposition of night-photography showcasing pictures I took of Amsterdam by night. The pictures are on display at Amsterdam cheesycakes Utrechtsedwarsstraat 73 until the end of March 2019. Interested can always order my pictures in high resolution from my website and we will print them at any requested format on glossy photo paper, carton, plexiglass or as Canvas.

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